The Best Weightlifting Gloves

Neoprene is the substance of which weightlifting gloves take their powers. A synthetic rubber, Neoprene was developed in the 1930’s as a creation that was almost completely impervious to other chemicals. It was abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, waterproof, and buoyant. Not only that, but it was unbelievably lightweight as well.

The process by which Neoprene is produced involves multiple steps during the manufacturing process. One of the steps is vulcanization, which, in layman’s terms, is the conversion of rubber into more durable material. What this means for the consumer is that Neoprene can be used in any number of products, from wet suits to linings for tanks, and everything in between. Neoprene can even be used as a protective cover for cell phones and to protect wiring and cables.

So, let’s take your hands for a moment. They need protection too, don’t they? And if Neoprene is the go to material for tanks, swimmers, cell phones, scuba diving gear, protective coatings, conveyor belts, hoses, seals, and anything and everything else you can probably think of, doesn’t it follow that lifting gloves can also provide that same measure of protection for your hands? Better than leather – with the ability to breathe and wick away sweat and moisture – the Neoprene infused Grit Gloves weight lifting gloves provide true protection against heat, blisters, calluses, odor, sweat, and many other problematic issues athletes and work out connoisseurs will face during their time in the gym. And with lifting grips, you won’t look as if you’re working out with boxing gloves. Due to the size and lightweight nature of the material, there is no bulky appearance on your hands as you work out. There are no sizing issues – It’s all about protection with these gloves and none of the other distractions ever come into play.

Your hands are a precious commodity. Their health may actually be the strongest contributor to how long and how hard your workout is… So, do the smart thing and jump on the Neoprene bandwagon. You’ll be happy you did and your hands may just thank you for it – By letting you partake in longer workouts and getting your body the way you want it to look.visit:

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